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Saturday 3/25 hours:
12pm - 5pm

68 Bridge St. in Suffield, CT
We are located to the left of the
Suffield Village Market

(860) 758-7003
Who Are We
Watering House Plants

Who We Are

The Plant Lounge is a charming, modern indoor plant shop located in beautiful Suffield, CT. Come by and experience a sense of comfort and happiness within our serene green space. If you haven't already met Tracey and her husband Charlie at a market or event, you'll find yourself having great plant conversations that include expert advice (and maybe a few jokes about Charlie morphing into the "plant guy")! They have a greenhouse in their backyard, where Tracey lovingly cares for all of the plants, and a propagation room in their home for propagating her favorites.  You'll not only find affordable, easy-care houseplants at The Plant Lounge, but you'll find plant-related merchandise that we highly recommend and are proud to carry.  From the plant newbie to the experienced plant enthusiast, we provide a gorgeous assortment of well-cared for plants and expert tips to assist in the maintenance of your plants.  

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