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The Plant Lounge is an experience... an experience of comfort, relaxation, and happiness by way of indoor houseplants. You may know us as C.T. Greenery - we recently rebranded to be able to better capture what our business is all about. Tracey and Charlie are the "us" behind the business. A husband and wife team who, for the love of plants and most people, are venturing out into the wild with a one-of-a-kind plant lounge trailer and a dream. We not only provide affordable, easy-care houseplants to everyone; from the plant newbie to the experienced plant enthusiast, we also provide the best care advice and maybe some jokes about Charlie morphing into the "Plant Guy!" Stay  tuned for our Market Events calendar. We are excited to be a part of the following 2022 market season with: Four Town Regional Farmers & Crafters Market, Ellington Farmers Market, Stafford Farmers Market, Enfield Regional Farmers Market, R.Dee Winery, and the Wethersfield Farmers Market. Stay tuned for updates!

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